New Distribution Capability (NDC)

An IATA initiative

New Distribution Capability (NDC) is an IATA initiative for the adoption of a common data transmission standard within the airline industry. NDC provides you with an internet-based connection with more capability than is currently available today. The booking process will be simpler and easier so you can view the entire range of products and services we offer with comprehensive information to help you advise your customers.

Instead of schedules, availability and fares coming from various sources as is currently the case, these will be combined and come from our system. We will provide standardised and consistent details about what we can offer customers. In addition, NDC will enable us to distribute previously unavailable products and services to the GDS. This will include the ability to add flight ancillaries to bookings made in the GDS.

NDC benefits us as an airline, giving us the capability to display our range of products and services in a useful and straightforward way. The end customer benefits with a more transparent booking process so they can make informed decisions about what each airline offers and who they decide to travel with.

By participating in the NDC Pilot, you will be able to:


  • Better serve customer needs with their ancillary products (enabling you to purchase seating and additional baggage)
  • View product features for a true product comparison
  • Have access to the lowest-fare finder +/- 3 days
  • Have new ways to access existing products and services
  • Get faster, easier access to new products and services
  • See a reduction in Agency Debit Memos
  • Continue to pay by credit and debit card, or IATA BSP (where available)

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Quadlabs has integrated the Shop and Order Service for British Airways on NDC


The services grouped together in this API plan will allow you to shop for flight products, price a shopping basket then order and pay.

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