Audi E-payment

Audi E-payment from Bank Audi is NOT just an internet gateway - it accepts both e-commerce and non e-commerce transactions, using the internet to provide merchant with secure payment processing services for all major card brands (MasterCard, Visa & Amex) across all channels including e-commerce, mobile commerce, travel agency, donation, insurance company, call centers, IVR, and electronic bill payment. It supports also the traditional Card-Present transactions.


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Why Audi E-payment

Designed for any business that wants to be able to accept payments on the internet, by phone, fax or mail, Audi E-payment offers merchants a single and secure internet payment solution for all of their processing needs.

It opens up new markets, allowing you to trade in different currencies. And because it combines the services you would traditionally find through several card schemes, payment processors and banks, it also saves you time and hassle.


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