B2B Agent Dashboard

The Agent Dashboard gives the B2B agents(Subagents) an online platform to create and manage bookings directly for their clients without any dependency on the Xhost(agents). The system allows the Xhost to manage their B2B agents through a single window with advanced markups and pricing control. The Xhost can now reach newer markets by giving B2B Agent Dashboard and white-label websites on the fly.

Product Features

software for travel agents

Agent Management System

  • Centrally manage your customers and subagents
  • Create B2B2B and B2B2C white labels for subagents and affiliates
  • Manage multiple markups and discount structures at various levels
  • Manage payment and credit accounts of subagents
  • Manage promotional advertisement and notice board on subagent dashboard
  • Dual pool system for agents (credit and deposit)
  • Manage agent's bookings and payments through extensive reporting system
  • Inbuilt GDS terminal for travel agent
  • Agent can create and manage multiple branches and multiple users
  • Agent's admin interface allows them to control their individual mark ups
  • Centralized ticketing for all subagents
  • Set credit limit and deposits
  • Responsive agent dashboard
  • E-wallet
  • Distributor model

Empowering Xhost to build network through B2B Dashboard, B2B2B and White label websites

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