Contract Management and Distribution

Contract management and distribution system manages private and negotiated inventory for hotels, sightseeing, car rentals, travel insurance and transfers. It helps aggregators and consolidators to manage relationships directly with the suppliers. User can upload the contracted inventory with fares, allocations, special deals and discounts and distribute on various sales channels along with own mark-up and commission structure.

Product Features

Consolidate your own inventory of Hotels, Sightseeing, Car Rentals, Travel Insurance and Transfers

  • Independent modules for managing contracts of hotel, sightseeing, car rentals, travel insurance and transfer and distribution through various sales channels
  • Centralized maintenance of private and negotiated contracts
  • Allocation management for hotels, sightseeing and transfers
  • Multi geography rates and allocation management
  • Policies for complex rules and conditions
  • Flexible seasonal offers, discounts and special deals
  • Connectivity to XChange booking engine for fast and accurate retrieval with quality and validity checks
  • Own XML out(Web Services) for distributing the content

Manage direct contracts, multi geography rates and allocations

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