Azul Brazilian Airlines; or simply Azul is a low cost carrier based in Barueri. The airline began service on December 15, 2008.

The company's business model is to stimulate demand by providing frequent and affordable air service to underserved markets throughout Brazil.

Azul have been the fastest growing airline in Brazil and currently have the largest airline network in the country in terms of cities served, with service to more than 100 destinations. Azul has recently expanded their operations with selected nonstop service to the United States.

With a 32% departure share in the Brazilian aviation market, Azul has established themselves as the third largest airline in the country.


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Why Azul

At Azul you feel special because they do everything you require. The Azul Experience is a result of the hard work and dedication of Azul crewmembers, who are constantly thinking about your needs.

Azul service offering features individual entertainment screens incorporating free Live TV at every seat on virtually all of Azul jets, extensive legroom with a pitch of 30 inches or more, two by two seating with no middle seats, complimentary beverage and an assortment of 12 snacks, and free bus service to key airports (including between the city of São Paulo and Campinas airport). Azul have competitive airfares; a comprehensive route network connecting more than 100 cities in Brasil and an innovative frequent flier program: TudoAzul.


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