Etisalat Payment Gateway

The Etisalat Payment Gateway service is a proprietary payment platform that ensures reliable, affordable, secure, real-time authorisation of payment transactions from Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express. The platform is also able to accept and process eDirham transactions.

Moreover, EPG enables merchants to integrate credit card-based online payments into eBusiness solutions through a single provider. It also guarantees the security and integrity of the data transmitted online between the customers, the online businesses application, the bank and the credit card network.


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  • Online payment solutions

Why Etisalat Payment Gateway

Versatile, secure and scalable infrastructure

Direct bank-to-bank settlement of payments

Secure bank authenticated non-repudiation service

Easy merchant integration

Additional value-added tools for business

Cost-effective payment channel

No bank acquiring charges to pay

Support for recurring and periodic transactions

Bilingual and customisable common hosted page

Integrated reporting and reconciliation tools

Fully PCI compliant

24x7 technical support


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