Established in 1975, JacTravel is one of the world’s leading suppliers of hotel accommodation for the global travel industry and provider of specialist inbound travel services to the UK and Ireland. With headquarters in London, regional offices throughout the UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle-East and North America and worldwide representation.

JacTravel's is facilitated by a directly contracted inventory of more than 12,000 hotels and an additional aggregated portfolio of over 100,000 properties and an extensive range of preferred group tour suppliers.

JacTravel's offers the most competitive prices offering dynamic checking mechanism with complete services to tour operators, from fully customized tours to a selection of research and planned itineraries. They offer a wide range of group travel accommodations throughout Canada, Alaska and Northern United States.


Expertize in

  • B2B hotel distributor
  • Group Tours

Why JacTravel

A multiple award winning business-to-business specialist, JacTravel operates a number of distinct but complementary divisions:

Global wholesale accommodation solution available through a simple API connection

Worldwide travel agent booking website through Totalstay

Specialist inbound group travel services to the UK, Ireland and key European destinations


For More Details www.jactravel.co.uk

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