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Payment Gateway service is one of E-Commerce milestones in general and in State of Kuwait in particular. Knet introduced this solution in the year 2004 as a new payment method through payment gateway. The Payment Gateway allows (Private and Public) institutions to collect funds for their products and services over the Internet.

Knet Payment Gateway accepts all debit cards issued by its member banks in the State of Kuwait in a bid to serve the customers and merchants of those banks. The payment service is provided through internet for all governmental and private entities through several means like:


Smart mobile telephones of all kinds.

Tablets of all kinds.


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Why Knet

Knet applies the latest information and e-commerce technology on its payment gateway, in addition, the Company strives to apply up to date safety and security technology on this gateway to protect all users against hacking or other issues. In this respect, Knet received international certificates such as PCI & EMV.


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