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Lots of Hotels was established in Dubai in 2012 as a subsidiary of Webjet, Australia & New Zealand’s largest Online Travel Agency. As a significant commercial and travel hub, Dubai was carefully selected as a base to position Lots of Hotels.

With the potential to connect with thousands of travel businesses throughout the Middle East & Africa region, Lots of Hotels aims to provide a unique business-to-business solution that places the broadest range of hotel rooms on sale world-wide, every day.

The Lots of Hotels supply model ensures clients find the best year-round rates and availability whenever & wherever they travel.


Expertize in

  • B2B Travel Wholesales
  • XML Solution
  • White Label Solution

Why Lots of Hotels

Lots of Hotels caters your worldwide accommodation needs with 2000 directly contracted hotels, beach content and religious content.

LOH Places over 200,000 hotels worldwide directly to your hands via a reliable system and a user friendly interface.

LOH equation is amalgam of experience, leadership, passion and motivation put together to cater all your worldwide accommodation requirements.


For More Details www.lotsofhotels.com

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