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MasterCard Payment Gateway Services brings together MasterCard’s payment gateway assets, including all parts of the (formerly known as) DataCash Group, MiGS based in Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa, and the recently acquired assets of TNS Payment Gateway Services.

MiGS payment gateway services are unique where customers can gain maximum benefit from MiGS parent company. Whilst remaining brand agnostic, they are also able to leverage the wider MasterCard organization to enhance the services with their customers, with additional opportunities for across the broader payments value chain.


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Why MiGS

MiGS gateway offers industry leading, global payment processing services and advanced fraud management solutions – for merchants, industry partners and acquiring banks. MiGS recognize that the digital commerce market represents a key area of growth for their customers. As a global partner to some of the world’s most recognizable brands, MasterCard Payment Gateway Services combines smart thinking and an end-to-end solution to help its customers transcend the complexities and expense associated with payment processing.


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