Pagatech was founded in early 2009 with a vision to enable a cashless society and bank the unbanked in Africa. Their first product offering, Paga is a direct to consumer mobile payments service. Paga is an innovative, open, secure, and interoperable mobile payments platform that allows any person who has a mobile phone to transact electronically – thus turning the mobile phone into an electronic wallet.


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  • Mobile Payments services
  • Money Transfer
  • Airtime

Why Paga

Paga is a mobile payments service. It allows you to send money and make payments wherever you are! All you need is a GSM enabled phone, mobile internet device/PC; or you can transact from any Paga agent outlet nationwide.

Paga Merchant Services allows businesses to collect payment from all spectrums of the population - whether banked or not. By leveraging the Paga e-widget, businesses can integrate a world class online checkout process on their own websites. Businesses can also leverage our agent network to collect payment for goods and services or provide customers the convenience of paying via SMS or online at Paga's customer portal.


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