Parsian Bank

Parsian Bank was incorporated in September 2001. Banking operation license was issued by the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Bank commenced its operations in January, 2002 by opening four branches in Tehran. In October 2004, Parsian Bank was listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange as the 401st listed company and the Bank's share was traded for the first time on December 1,2004.

Parsian Bank activities according to its articles of association include all banking operations, commercial activities and services which, are authorized for all banks, based on related rules and regulations.

Head office of the Bank is located at No.4, Zarafshan St., Farahzadi Blvd., Shahrak Ghods, Tehran, Iran.


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  • Banking Services

Why Parsian Bank

Parsian bank duly enforces the customer due diligence and KYC regulatory requirements. Moreover in compliance with Basel committee standards, they have already established AML and compliance, Risk management and internal audit committees under direct supervision of their Board. Parsian bank are following AML rules and regulations in line with national AML law, there Central bank regulations and international considerations like those of FATF.


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