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Sage Pay is Europe’s leading independent payment service provider (PSP) and is one of the most trusted payment brands. They are part of The Sage Group, a FTSE 1000 listed Global accounting Software Company.

Each year, they process over 4 billion payments securely online, over the phone and through card machines. Over 50,000 businesses across Europe rely on them to process card payments securely and help prevent fraudulent transactions. Sage Pay make sure the payment process is safe and easy for you.


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  • PSP – Payment Service Provider

Why Sage Pay

Sage Pay makes payments safe and secure

Payment security and fraud prevention are two top priorities of them. Thousands of businesses already entrust them with their security because Sage Pay keeps their customer's data secure.

Transactions processed using Sage Pay go through powerful fraud prevention tools to check if your card details have previously been compromised somewhere else online or to prevent the illegal use of a card by an unauthorized person.


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