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TRAVELFUSION, headquartered in London (UK) with offices in Shanghai (China), was established in 2000 recognized early on how the Internet would change the travel distribution landscape.

TRAVELFUSION pioneered a low-cost Direct Connect distribution model that enabled suppliers to connect directly with online travel agencies, tour operators, and search companies. TRAVELFUSION today aggregates 220+ low cost carriers (LCCs), Full Service Carriers (FSCs), and rail operators.


Expertize in

  • Aggregator LCC
  • FSC
  • Hotel
  • Rail Operators

Why Travel Fusion

TRAVELFUSION is a leading player in the IATA NDC distribution initiative aiming to help airlines to more efficiently merchandise and distribute their content to agents and users.

TRAVELFUSION offers the most comprehensive solution for suppliers and agents/meta-search to shop, quote and book in any currency while Travelfusion settles directly with the suppliers in their billing currencies.

Some of the best features of TravelFusion includes –

Combining multiple airlines and train operators in a single booking.

Many airlines in a single search.

Lock in a price for 24 hours on any airline, without having to buy it.

Choose luggage in your search to get a fair comparison between airlines.

Enter your ideal departure time and how important prices are to you, for customized results.

Support for Skis, Musical Instruments, Golf Bags, Bikes and Special Assistance.


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