How Social Media is Changing the Travel Industry

Social media is changing the world. It’s fuelling conversations and controversies, its bringing people closer and its spreading the word all over. With Facebook movements and twitter protests, the power of social media is quite apparent and the phenomenon has succeeded in becoming an important part of every sphere of our lives. In a scenario like this, travel cannot be left out. Holiday making and pictures of destinations and interesting cuisines can be seen all over the internet and social media has become an significant part of everyone’s travel experience. Though this might seem to be a trend which affects only the travelers, it will be a big mistake to leave the travel industry out of it. Travel industry which includes websites for bookings, hotels and air tickets, travel applications, travel agencies and agents, are as much involved in social media and the effect it has upon them is an important factor in deciding how much business they are going to get. Here’s why.

Increased Influence of Travelers

After all, the business that the travel industry gets is because of thousands of tourists who take trips all around the world and if all these travelers over the world are connected, there is no way a travel agency or website can get away with not delivering. Around the world, travelers have been provided with a single portal which allows them to voice their discontent and criticism if they are not satisfied with the services of a hotel, airline or even a cab company. And thanks to social media, there are thousands of other potential travelers who are listening and spreading the word further, which means that now the travel agencies and agents have to be excessively transparent in the services they provide. The travel agencies and websites, through the travel technology solutions, have to work on maximizing the whole holiday experience and make it more fulfilling so that they do not fall into the series of long chains of complaint and criticism over the various social media platforms available.

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Travel Industry CRM

How CRM Transforms the Travel Industry

Ever since the concept of holistic marketing has been developed the business enterprises across various industry fields have realized that achieving sales targets alone will not help them in surviving the competitive market scenario. The external environment surrounding the businesses today is dynamic and uncertain. Therefore, sustenance and stability of the business enterprises depends directly on the nature of relationship it has maintained with its clients. While the new customers are important for continuous growth of the business at the same time managing and retaining the old customers works as the backbone of the company. Studies show that acquiring new customers costs 6 to 7 times more to the companies. From the marketing and sales point of view the existing clients are also indirectly responsible for generating genuine sales leads through the verbal referrals. A positive recommendation from an existing client will have a lasting positive impression. This is a cost-effective way of indirect marketing for the companies. Thus an essential part of business is to help keep up and grow your customer base to harvest the profits for longer period.

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