QuadLabs once again recognized as ‘World’s Leading Travel ERP Technology Provider’ at World Travel Awards

QuadLabs Technologies world leader in travel technology, emerged as the winner of the ‘World’s Leading Travel ERP Technology Provider 2016’ for the second consecutive year by World Travel Awards. The honour was unveiled in the prestigious ceremony held at Sun Siyam Iru Fushi , Maldives on Friday, 2nd December, 2016.

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Do you provide Travel Insurance online?

Do you provide Travel insurance to your customers? Travel insurance can come in extremely handy for any International travellers to cover unforeseen medical emergencies, lost baggage claims, flight delays and cancellations. It also provides the Travel Agency an opportunity to not only cross-sell but also provide a comprehensive service to a traveller. In today’s competitive scenario, it will serve agencies better to be pro-active and recommend the right insurance to the traveller and explain the benefits thereof.

While the trend of including travel insurance at the time of check out has become the norm over the last 4-5 years, some are even beginning to offer stand-alone travel insurance regardless of the fact if the traveller books the actual travel with them or not. www.tbiholidays.com is one example of a leading agency that now sells Travel Insurance as a product on their online portal.

So which Travel Insurance company is the right partner for you and your customers? The choice could vary depending on the country of origin as well as the destination countries. Here is our list of some global Travel insurance providers to help you decide.

Aon Taeds- Taeds provides specialized insurance broker in tourism industry. AON is a leading company in insurance brokerage and consulting along with Taeds provides the most advanced solutions for wholesalers in tourism industry, travel agencies, airlines and other stakeholders in the travel industry. The company has strong international presence with offices in more than 100 countries.

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Maximize your Travel Revenue by Automating your Enquiry Management System

When one looks at the daily operations of a typical travel agency, it is observed that a majority of the time is spent on managing the enquiries falling from multiple sales channels.  A lot of time is wasted in maintaining detailed records manually through excels, tracking the enquiries, replying them on time and carrying out the follow-ups. From the point of view travel agency’s operations these inquiries have to be handled carefully as they are the source of generating new business.


In addition to spending an excessive amount of time in managing these leads and enquiries, often consumers overlook the fact, that due to a lack of an automated process, they are prone to human oversights and errors. A lack of timely follow up results in a loss of revenue and can make a big difference in an agencies growth plan.

With high level of competition in industry the travel enterprises are shifting focus on satisfying the customer needs and that is the reason they are adapting to new technologies to bring in efficiencies. Today customers have access to abundant information on the web and often research and plan for their travel before reaching out to an agency

It is therefore prudent to invest and automate the inquiry procedure allowing for a speedy response time and efficiently managing the booking flow from the time the enquiry is generated till the time of fulfillment.

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Is your Online Travel Business Secure?

E-commerce has gained acceptance in the travel industry as it provides convenient information and lets consumers make travel arrangements easily and far more quickly. There are thousands of travel companies that have websites and these travel companies have progressed from a basic site offering to sophisticated ecommerce booking engines that allow airline ticketing, hotel booking, sightseeings, transfers and much more.

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How CRM Transforms the Travel Industry

Ever since the concept of holistic marketing has been developed the business enterprises across various industry fields have realized that achieving sales targets alone will not help them in surviving the competitive market scenario. The external environment surrounding the businesses today is dynamic and uncertain. Therefore, sustenance and stability of the business enterprises depends directly on the nature of relationship it has maintained with its clients. While the new customers are important for continuous growth of the business at the same time managing and retaining the old customers works as the backbone of the company. Studies show that acquiring new customers costs 6 to 7 times more to the companies. From the marketing and sales point of view the existing clients are also indirectly responsible for generating genuine sales leads through the verbal referrals. A positive recommendation from an existing client will have a lasting positive impression. This is a cost-effective way of indirect marketing for the companies. Thus an essential part of business is to help keep up and grow your customer base to harvest the profits for longer period.

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