QuadLabs Extends NDC Partnership

QuadLabs Technologies, a premier travel technology solutions provider extends NDC Partnership. NDC is a travel industry-supported program launched by IATA and it provides the opportunity to address the end-to-end airline distribution process, shopping, booking, and to deliver enhanced customer experiences.

New Distribution Capability (NDC) empowers travel intermediaries to enable airlines to distribute their full product offerings including seat choices, extra baggage and other ancillary services, using rich content, in an anonymous or personalized manner. A travel agency can sell this content directly. It enables direct communication between travel agents and airlines, which will give them cost advantage on every booking. NDC also provide greater transparency ; access to comprehensive set of offerings from the airline directly to the consumer through a travel agent or any of the Online Travel portals.

QuadLabs initiated NDC partnership with multiple airlines. QuadLabs is also investing on manpower, improving process and enhancing its products. QuadLabs is improving the strategy to optimize revenue of Travel Agents using NDC.

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Is Travel Company Needs a Travel Booking System?

Nowadays customer is getting smart, he need everything on his fingertips. The revolution with a due reverence towards technology and high-speed internet created launch pads for travelers across the globe resulted faster and easy travel arrangements done by their own. Nowadays, booking flights and hotels online, finding travel agents/guides, route mapping, travel updates, security information (during emergency) have become a regular practice instead entering into an unfamiliar restaurant with trepidation.

Online Travel market has seen a marvelous wave of growth and brought a change in the perception of consumer’s plans to book their trips. It is an amalgam of crucial factors leading to the growth of this Industry. Mobile interfaces have already shown their metal and played a major factor to bring a dramatic change in the user’s behavior. Adding to the advancement, the mobile applications are also increasing the business of travel industry up to a large extent. Due to this, it has now become vital for the travel companies to reach out to their customers through a fast, reliable and cost effective way.

A travel booking system allows travel agents to provide customer service through quick search response capabilities, tracked bookings and simple payment platforms that provide multiple payment options.

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Online booking engines has transformed the travel industry

Online booking software has made the life of traveler quite easy and hassle free. With the evolution of technology and the Internet, travelling has become a relatively simple and rather cost efficient due to the introduction of the online booking engine provided by travel agents worldwide via travel technology. In earlier times, when the concept of Internet booking engine was unheard of, people either used to take their chances of flight, train or hotel’s availabilities or simply ask for assistance from a travel agent. Both of which were an expensive and unfriendly way to travel that would only contribute to the distress caused to the traveler.

However, with the augmentation of travel technology, which has provided the travel agents with various features, travelers now don’t need to spend thousands of bucks or wander from one hotel to another due to the non availability of the rooms as now they can simply use their laptops or mobile devices and book their travel products through online booking engine flights and hotels without the interference of any third party. This has revolutionized the way people travel across the world as they can save a lot of money and effort. But these online booking engines not only saved travelers from never ending stress, but also travel agents in a greater way.

Earlier, travel agents used to charge huge money for the booking of travel products such as flight, hotel, trains, car rentals, vacations, etc. as they also suffered from not able to reach larger markets and attract wider audience. However, with these online booking engines, they can provide their services irrespective of the geographical area and thus the cost they used to charge were also changed dramatically in a good way for travelers.

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Flight Booking Engine

Future of Travel Agents and Tour Operators with Travel Technology

Travelling was never ever this easy with the advancement in travel technology. Traveller’s experience, services offered to travellers, ease of booking have enhanced a traveller’s experience. People, who had to run to travel agents to book their tickets, make hotel reservations and holiday packages can now simply log into their laptops or smartphones and make all the reservations themselves in just a few clicks.

Giant online travel portals such as Yatra.com, SOTC.in, Make My Trip, Booking.com, etc. are making it extremely easy for travelers to choose their favorite destinations, book flight tickets, reserve a preferred room in a hotel and get all the necessary travel products right at their fingertips, causing great difficulty for traditional travel agents and tour operators to boost their sales and grow their business. No matter how hard they try to sell their services with effective marketing and promoting their travel products, they are loosing the battle to these online booking engines.

The statistics show that in the last 20 years, tour operators’ share of bookings has declined by 50% due to the arrival of online travel portals as they tend to provide their customers brilliant discounts in hotel reservations and other beneficial offers on other services. However, even though the hotel reservation part of travelling has seen a great fall for travel agents, but more than 70% people who are travelling overseas still tend to book their flights through travel agents as they provide them a much better price with human intervention. With this data, one can understand the future of travel agents and tour operators.

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