QuadLabs showcases Travog 2.0 – an AI based Travel & Expense Management tool at ATM Dubai 2024

QuadLabs, with a team of over 25+ years of travel industry experience in developing corporate travel solutions, is proud to announce the next generation of Travog 2.0, and its latest Expense Management solution.

Travog 2.0 provides a new AI based personalization engine with dynamic offers and recommendations for travelers based on their preferences, company policies, and past booking history. It brings a bouquet of products together which can be booked and managed with the same tool. With extensive expense management capability, corporates can now manage budgets and approvals seamlessly on the platform. 

Travog 2.0 is built on QuadLabs’ many years of experience in managing travel and expense policies for companies of all sizes globally. Designed to significantly streamline processes, improve compliance, and enhance overall efficiency all delivered through a customizable platform with the flexibility to scale to accommodate the ever-changing needs of businesses, the new Travog companion App is the latest addition to the QuadLabs suite of Travel management solutions.

Travog 2.0 addresses the twin challenges of both Expense management and travel bookings created as per the Travel Policies of the company. It offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. The companion App makes it easy for employees to capture receipts, and submit expense reports on the go whilst tracking their reimbursement status from anywhere, at any time. All are delivered with flexible real-time reporting and financial control tools.

Not only does the App provide all the traditional features required of an Expense Management tool, including AutomatedExpense Tracking, Policy Enforcement, Approval Workflows, Analytics, and Insights, and much more but, a key feature is the ability to ensure adherence to company expense policies while creating a travel booking with customizable rules and alerts which can be updated at any time to meet changes in Travel Policy.

Travog Expense Management seamlessly integrates with popular accounting and ERP systems, allowing for real-time synchronization of data and effortless financial reporting via our analytics dashboard, all building to provide the Company with valuable insights into spending patterns, and identify cost-saving opportunities based upon data-driven decision-making.  

“We’re thrilled to introduce Travog 2.0 – the next evolution in corporate travel & expense management solutions,” said Gaurav Chiripal, CEO of QuadLabs “Travog platform is getting smarter and more intelligent as we speak. It now simplifies the expense management process, reduces administrative burden, and empowers businesses to optimize their travel spending

Travog Expense Management is now available as a B2B SaaS solution for businesses worldwide. To learn more about how Travog can transform your travel & expense management program, visit www.Travog.com

About QuadLabs:

QuadLabs is a leading provider of Leisure & Corporate travel solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of products and services to streamline travel booking, expense management, and policy compliance. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, QuadLabs’ mission is to empower businesses to optimize their travel programs and achieve greater efficiency and cost savings.

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Travel agency software

How Can Technology Help TMS To Streamline Business Processes and Optimize Revenue?

Once life gets back to normal, one of the most sought out experiences today would be to take a trip to make up for the year that we couldn’t, which brings back a lot of opportunities for the travel sector to grow. Travel Management System or TMS has gained more traction during this period, which also means that digitization will be at the forefront of the travel and logistics industry, switching the trend to match the era of the digital revolution. Travel management companies can benefit a lot by leaving behind conventional systems and adopting TMS. Curious to know what TMS entails and how it can enhance the profits of a company? This blog will cover all that you need to know!

What is a Travel Management System?

A travel management system assists travel managers in booking trips, tracking, and analyzing business tours or travel. Generally, a travel management system offers travel policies, travel inventory, and reporting features. A TMS also makes clients more independent by promoting self-service and removing aggregators that take extra time and charges. However, it also consists of the complete corporate travel management processes. From the planning phase to applying for travel with legal documentation and monitoring these trips, TMS has several features that simplify and streamline the entire experience so that business clients don’t have to make a considerable effort from the planning phase to applying for travel with legal documentation and monitoring these trips. Some of the best Travel Management Systems look after the following aspects:

  1. Ease of booking for managers
  2. Self-booking for clients
  3. Free multichannel 24/7customer support
  4. Substantial travel inventory
  5. Automated travel policy compliance with personalized policies
  6. A future-ready tool to scale and acclimate
  7. Zero extra charges for travel assistance
  8. Centralized invoicing
  9. Travel spends analytics

How can TMS improve operations for Travel Management Companies?

If companies wish to thrive in the ongoing decade and the ones after that, hopping on board with this technological upgrade is imperative. One can choose to look at TMS in a way as an investment that will help travel management companies get a lot done in lesser time and make more profits too. These are ways that Travel Management Systems can bring in more revenue to a travel business:

  1. Streamlined process: While earlier travel bookings and logistics were messy with too many hands in the pot, TMS has reduced the interference of third parties by streamlining the entire process from booking to the actual trip by creating a seamless transition for both travel managers and the customers.
  2. Diminished travel expenses: If everything can be done from one portal and company while most processes are automated, a travel company will be spending much less on the workforce while passing on the cost-benefit to its clients.
  3. Creates valuable corporate travel insights through data: Data analytics of customer bookings and trends is one of the biggest gold mines at the moment. A travel management company can benefit by using this data to generate actionable insights.

Traveling Management Systems have brought the business travel industry an excellent opportunity to recover from the setback of 2020 with its bespoke solutions. We remain optimistic that they will be able to rake in profits with complete travel optimization while enjoying simplified processes.

QuadLabs is one such travel technology company which is accredited and multiple award winner, offering the most appropriate solutions to travel agencies who want to achieve their organizational goals. They are a leading company operating worldwide with extensive expertise in giving relevant technical assistance to companies looking to advance their customer base and revenue.

Travel Technology for agency

Travel Technology helps Travel Agency to enhance their customer service experience

Technology has not only become an integral part of our everyday life but is it has also revolutionized the way we travel. In the modern age of the internet, traveling has become way easier as people can book flight and accommodation facilities online booking portals and get access to a wide range of travel services at their fingertip through their mobile device. This has all been possible with the introduction of travel technology, which refers to the use of technology in planning trips. Travel agencies all over the world are optimizing travel technology to provide a seamless and convenient travel experience to customers. However, there are many more ways these travel companies can enhance customer service experience significantly using the same technology.

Below are provided with some of the ways tour organizers can provide a better traveling experience to the customers through travel technology:

Quality and cost-efficient tours: With the help of travel technology, travel agencies can reduce the overall cost of the tour package as it enables them to reduce their operational cost significantly. The technology permits the companies with an impressive travel agency booking software that offers integrated business information, front and back-office service, CRM and accounting service, and an automated building service which drastically reduces the labour cost. Apart from that, the travel software further provides the traveler with fast and appropriate information on travel products such as hotel room, flights, cabs, etc., allowing them to save time and effort in planning their trip, which improves customer experience.

24/7 customer support: With more than 80% of travellers’ smartphones, travel technology provides an opportunity to them to get their queries resolved any time of the day before and during their travels to enhance their traveling experience. Integration of Artificial Intelligence and chatbots, travelers can get personalized service with instant answers for their frequently asked questions and enjoy the human-like conversation as an ideal travel companion. Not only that, with the help of machine learning and AI tools, the travelers can get insights regarding their preferred travel destinations, accommodation facilities and other travel products based on their interest and behaviour, which will make their travel more convenient and memorable.

Customize travel plans: One of the best ways travel technology can improve the customer service experience for travelers is by providing them an opportunity to customize their travel plans as per their available time and budget. With travel agency booking software and applications integrated with AR and VR Technology, the customers can transform themselves to a completely different location virtually and make an informed decision regarding visiting the place. For instance, they can take a virtual tour of a hotel before deciding to book a room or can witness the views of any tourist attraction and make a decision whether to visit the place or not. This will allow the travelers to get maximum worth from their tour by skipping the places in which they are not interested.

These are just some of the ways travel technology can be useful for both travel agencies and tourists to get a better and improved service experience, which ultimately leads to a positive outcome for every party.

QuadLabs is one such travel technology company which is accredited and multiple award winner, offering the most appropriate solutions to travel agencies who want to achieve their organizational goals. They are a leading company operating worldwide with extensive expertise in giving relevant technical assistance to companies looking to advance their customer base and revenue.

QuadLabs announces restructuring in the Leadership Team

QuadLabs Technologies, a leader in the travel technology space, announces a major restructuring in the Leadership Team in an effort to better align the company as it sees increased global growth.

QuadLabs Technologies today announced a major restructuring in the Leadership team as they see increase in Local & Global demand in their products & services. As a part of the restructuring, multiple business verticals are created internally and each vertical is now headed by Industry veteran. The focus is on making each vertical independent and working towards a common goal of the company.

QuadLabs launched Travog, a corporate travel & expense management system, almost 2 years back in the market. This system is now adopted well and praised by some of the biggest TMCs & Businesses in the world.

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