QuadLabs Participates in Eye for Travel – Travel Distribution Summit,Mumbai Oct 12th-13th

1.6 billion users, making Mobile the ideal channel for businesses to engage, inspire and sell to huge audiences across multiple consumer touch points.Travel decisions and relationships can be made or broken with mobile and the opportunity for growth is truly enormous – But is the customer and the technology companies ready?

The discussion is likely to address the following questions:-

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  • What possibilities do mobile devices offer over traditional channels and touch points?
  • Understand how great mobile websites ; functional apps can keep customers happy and keep them yours?
  • How to integrate Mobile with your existing marketing and customer strategy for a 360° multidimensional approach?
  • Drive real engagement, revenue and long term brand loyalty by delivering unprecedented mobile experiences and exceptional customer service?

This travel distribution summit is a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded opportunists and network with travel technology experts. Quadlabs is looking forward to unveil its new products and solutions in the travel space.