QuadLabs Extends NDC Partnership

QuadLabs Technologies, a premier travel technology solutions provider extends NDC Partnership. NDC is a travel industry-supported program launched by IATA and it provides the opportunity to address the end-to-end airline distribution process, shopping, booking, and to deliver enhanced customer experiences.

New Distribution Capability (NDC) empowers travel intermediaries to enable airlines to distribute their full product offerings including seat choices, extra baggage and other ancillary services, using rich content, in an anonymous or personalized manner. A travel agency can sell this content directly. It enables direct communication between travel agents and airlines, which will give them cost advantage on every booking. NDC also provide greater transparency ; access to comprehensive set of offerings from the airline directly to the consumer through a travel agent or any of the Online Travel portals.

QuadLabs initiated NDC partnership with multiple airlines. QuadLabs is also investing on manpower, improving process and enhancing its products. QuadLabs is improving the strategy to optimize revenue of Travel Agents using NDC.

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What benefit online travel agents are getting by adopting travel technology?

Technology has changed the way how business operates in last few years. Especially after the introduction of the internet and smartphones, it has taken a giant leap towards reaching out more audience and incrementing revenue. When it comes to travel, technology has played a very important role in magnifying the travel industry. With an online booking portal, an extensively large base of potential audience can access travel agents to book their preferred travel products. This is the main reason more and more travel agencies are adopting travel technology in order to enjoy the several benefits which includes growth in sales. QuadLabs is one of travel technology providers who offers industry focused and target oriented technology to Online Travel Agents to enhance their business.


1. Custom Travel: By acquiring reliable online travel booking portal, Travel Agents can offer the customers with all sorts of information they need to plan and book their travel. Traveler can easily search for their preferred hotels and flights to book them at any time from any location. Online Travel Agents will be able to provide customized travel, which would enhance the user experience.

2. Increase visibility: Travel technology allows the travel companies to become more visible to potential customers as people from all over the world will be able to reach their business and explore their travel products. Their reach to customers won’t be limited to a certain geographical area and thus, chances of sales will be enhanced greatly.

3. Target only potential customers: One of the main benefits of the online travel agent system is that the company will be able to target their potential audience and not just everyone. This helps the company to reduce their marketing budget and increase their conversion rate.

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QuadLabs launches Global Market place for business travel with strong Travel Management Solution and expense management

QuadLabs, the world’s leader in travel technology during Business Travel Show 2017 announcing launch of Global market place for business travel with strong travel management solution and expense management tool. It is primarily designed to facilitate business relationship between the companies and their TMCs.


Travel marketplace empowers corporate to procure content from Global TMCs, Regional OTAs and global travel suppliers. The internal engine connects to various GDSs, Supplier system and content providers to provide comprehensive set of travel deals and corporate fares in the single system. It provides relevant and cheapest available fare to employee as per the company policy and approval workflow from various TMCs and OTAs. Through strong integrated self-booking tool “Travog” employee can create the booking and manages pre and post booking expenses.

In backend travel management solution empowers travel Management Company to automate their processes to fulfill travel business need. Travel agent can manage global corporate profile, corporate policy compliances, approval-workflow, and corporate credit and deposit policy. The system can also generate various reports for corporate and supplier reconciliation.

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Customized Itineraries

How Customized Itineraries Help Travel Agents

With more places to see and many more options to see them, tour travels with 50 people at once, is something which not many want to indulge in. With so much stress and lack of time in our lives, the vacation we finally decide to take must be a relaxed one and it should allow us to savor every location rather than visit 3 places in a day and not even get the peace and the fun, which was the initial reason why we actually made the vacation plan. And not just travelers, it is not an easy job for the travel agent either who has to manage everyone, coordinate with the change in plans or delays and ensure the best experience as well. Well, it gets too much to handle for both parties, which brings us to customized itineraries, a new trend which provides us with a custom-made travel plan which suits the need of the traveler and the agent perfectly. Clearly, the benefits for the travelers are ample, but not many have elaborated on the latter, and thus let’s focus solely on the benefits of the custom itineraries for the travel agents.

It Saves Time

With good travel agency software in place, it will be easy for the agents to customize an itinerary for their clients according to their specific needs.  They can use their personal experience and knowledge about a location and serve it to the clients which do not have much idea about the places and offer them interesting packages which will save them some precious time as well. Customized itineraries also allow the travel agents to keep a track with their travel agency and make things smoother for themselves.

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