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The global tourism has been affected by technological developments and innovations. The travel enterprises are growing since the technology and internet users have increased. It is because of this advancement the use of personal computers and smart phones have augmented the growth of ecommerce in travel. In spite of opening up of numerous opportunities for travel enterprises these developments have also led to rise of competition in travel industry. In order to generate good business and effective return on their investment the travel enterprises have to adapt to changing technological developments. With the globalization in the work culture the opportunities for tourism have dramatically increased. Therefore the prime focus is on can improved technology meet the needs of travelers. It’s clearly understood, that technology in tourism is closely intertwined.

Technology in tourism is not only revolutionizing the way consumers travel but the way the travel enterprises conduct and manage their travel businesses. The travel agencies are trying to keep up with the latest technological advancements which help them in achieving cost optimization and performance enhancement along with focus on customer satisfaction. The travel operations of travel agencies are gradually simplifying with the advance technology. Here is how-

End of Booking Hassles

The development of number of internet booking engines have made it possible for travelers to easily compare prices for flights, hotels, cars, etc. and conveniently book online at the same time. The online booking engines are designed to improve the navigation through website pages. Through online search the travelers can book lowest prices from different search options. Thus, they can enjoy trouble free holidays.

Availability on Mobile Platforms

The advent of smart phones has revolved the travel industry three sixty degrees. The travel products are made available on mobile platforms. The users can access the flight information, looking up directions, information on local restaurants, language look up etc. on the go through various user friendly applications on their smart phones or tablets.

Shift in Focus

The technology has also made the travel agencies to shift the primary focus on development of online presence to reach to newer markets. Today every travel agency has the online portal where the customers can go search and book for flights, hotels etc.  Through the internet the travel agencies can advertise online maintain their branding and widely reach to their target customers.

Cost of Operations

The travel software made available on cloud platform has revolutionized the travel enterprises in bringing down the IT costs at the same time leveraging the collaboration between Supply Chain, IT, Finance and other travel functions.  The software enables improved controls resulting reduction in processing time and non-value added processes are also removed helping in saving the expenses on maintenance. The software company are building those tools not only deliver what travel agency’s customers buy but also enhance their profitability, while allowing optimum use of human resources.

Automation of Operations

Through the travel technology software the travel agencies can automate all their operations. From the time customer searches for flight or hotel till the time payment is made for the booking, they can monitor processing for the same through the software. The back office work is no longer requires human touch, this also reduces the error arising of manual entry.

Wider Distribution of Travel Products

The development of travel technology software has improved the distribution of various travel products seamlessly through various channels. The GDSs and third party consolidators are finding it easier to reach to travelers. The real time inventory of flights hotels, cars etc. can be accessed with just a click.

Better Relationship Management

Today customer is referred as king; all the marketing activities are targeted keeping in mind the customers’ preferences. In travel companies also realize the importance of customer service is integral part of their travel business. Through improved technology the travel agency can communicate not only with customer but partners and business connections. The data can be instantly shared from agency to airline to hotel etc.

The travel agencies are most benefited from the advancement of technology. This optimism drives the overall travel industry to growth and expansion. The constructive transformation through technology has been saving the time and money in planning and executing travel. The primary focus of the travel agencies has been redirected to online sales and marketing and customer maintenance and satisfaction. Needless to say further evolution of travel technology continues to advance. The travelers and the travel agents are bound to see lot more change in near future. Travel enterprises need to evaluate and capitalize on the opportunities that travel technology offers for their travel business. The only thing that travel companies need to ensure is their technology partner delivers solutions which address the customer needs, well-versed with vendor implementation and quick support and consulting.

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