How B2B Travel Agents can Reach Newer Markets?

Today globalization has spread in every corner of the world thanks to technological breakthroughs taking place in every industry. International presence has become significant for all types of businesses for growth and survival. The technology is slowly altering the way of doing business. Even small sized companies are managing their business in multiple countries effectively. It has reduced the costs and removed the barriers in communication. These trends have affected the travel industry also. In recent years there has been demand for the specialized technology by travel agencies. Since the travel management companies and travel agencies face competition not only from regional players but also international players.  It is in their benefit to quickly adopt to technologically more advance ways of streamlining their businesses. Technology therefore is seen as critical factor in reducing measuring and controlling their costs. The travel intermediaries also experience the dynamic buying behavior of the consumers as they have become more informative, there has been a continuous change in their demands and expectations. Therefore they have to focus on providing enhanced value to customers through new products.  The Travel agencies should realize the importance of making investments relating to the online travel technologies to ensure their long-term strategic visibility and sustainability.

The travel technology companies are developing software platform for travel agencies where they can manage their B2B travel agents. The need of such system arises from the fact that travel agencies were spending more time on managing and controlling their subagents rather than focusing on serving and maintaining their valued customers. The software comes with below mentioned features which help the travel intermediaries to free themselves from everyday process of administrating their subagents and focus on managing their customers more-

  • The travel agencies can easily pay attention to their subagent’s performance sitting across different geographical locations through a single window.
  • The software provides the agents access to real time online booking engine through which they can manage reservations.
  • It helps subagents to generate invoices and vouchers related to bookings of customers at various levels.
  • The travel agents can also access the inbuilt GDS terminal for flight bookings.
  • The virtual booking cart functionality provided in software also helps travel agents to see the details of the passenger, booking status, costing and other travel related documents on the go.
  • From the point of view of travel agency, they can keep track of the bookings made by different travel agents. This helps them in giving offers and discounts to travel agents according to the volume of reservations made.
  • The travel products can be distributed to greater audience maximizing the revenues for the travel agencies.

The virtual business model which is enabled through the advance software helps travel agency and travel agents to reap mutual benefit of continuous growth. The travel agencies can control any number of travel agents under them and these travel agents can create sub-agents under them and manage multiple branches or users. Therefore the system helps in establishing wide network of subagents which would be spread geographically in different parts of the world. This leads to complete integration markets across different geographies resulting in smooth flow of travel product related information for customers. Through the reporting functionality enabled in the system the travel agencies can develop marketing plan for specific geographies. The new and advance agent modules have reduced the cost associated with data correction and dependency on staff for eliminating the errors manually. This uniquely designed system helps end to end automation to scale up operations of travel agencies and travel agents.

It is crucial to understand what trends are prevalent in the travel industry. The travel industry is extremely diverse and complex due to various interrelated industries like airlines, hotels etc. The travel intermediaries need to carefully study this scenario in order to ensure that they stay ahead of the game and one step ahead of their competitors. They need to continuously upgrade to the new technology to preserve the advantages that they have built. The online business has immense scope for the travel intermediaries. With automation of travel operations the travel intermediaries can derive the maximum benefit out of this opportunity.

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