QuadLabs is NDC Level 3 Certified

QuadLabs is a premier technology solution provider with a focus on delivering world-class technology products to the travel industry and is headquartered in India with sales offices in Brazil and UAE. We specialize in intelligent solutions which have a high degree of adaptability to distinct business processes within the travel domain. Our product is a proven platform with several deployments across Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Africa and Latin America and is highly adapted by each market.

QuadLabs is certified NDC developer and is now IATA NDC level 3 certified. NDC is a standard prescribed by IATA for the airlines to provide direct connects to the travel agents and technology companies around the world. These standards enhances the capability of communications between airlines and travel agents by providing full and rich airline content as well as providing transparent shopping experience. Travel agents can access ancillary content along with last available seat with all possible fare types.

We have enabled NDC content in a hybrid structure so that it is emerged with all other suppliers’ content and display together on all sales channel in a generic form. Through NDC, companies in Corporate travel can access air ancillaries and rich content like Wi-Fi, baggage, meal and seat selection during and after the booking process. It serve as cost advantage with greater transparency through direct communication between travel agents and airlines on every booking. It will help travelers to access all the products provided by airline at the time of booking. NDC Hybrid content engine empowers TMCs and corporates to procure comprehensive fare from airline direct connect through GDSs, LCCs and aggregators in the same search.

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